A few things i put on a note pad. useful information!!


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    A few things i put on a note pad. useful information!!

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    LLex forest          -  want you to find his level 30 farfetched    --   gift: he moves
    little jimmy route 30 house 2  -  Little jimmy wants 75k


    Goldenrod raidon station       -  first floor id lottery

    know it all man Celadon office roof top- get all 150 canto for reward
    Show a guy a budew in varidian forest by the tree maze

    brothers parcel request locations
    -saffron pokemart


    move buffet in golden rod

    headbutt       1k      kkex forest
    earth power    10k     tohjo falls
    Endeavor       11k     violet city
    covet          10k     goldenrod city gym

    re-learn old moves old man named move buffet next to pokemon
    center in saffron city & by curulian gym

    na    metrenome 8k      cinnibar pokemon lab
    na    Substitute     -       Fuschia city

    hypnosis         12k           pokemon tower b12
    counter           5k            celedon mart 3 girl behind desk
    psychic           3k             saffron gym
    buublebeam     2k            cerulian  gym
    softboild         15k            celadob ciry old man you surf too
    Megad drain    1.5k          caladon gym
    Dream eater -  4k            boy in the west of vardian city
    heat wave  --   8k            cinibar gym
    thunder wave   15k-         Safron Silph co building 2f  girl in center
    Swift             -2k-           west safron house bottom floor (old lady)
    DIG           -                    CERULIAN CITY AND CEDLIDON SHOP tm
    icy wind          5k             ice cave b4 west wall swimmer


    route 31 old man by tree             Dugtrio for magneton
    Violet city  team rocket ne corner   bellsprout for onix
    goldenrod city middle biker          Drowziee for machop

    route 2 STOP 3                      abra for mr.mime
    cinnibar island pokemon lab  raichue for electrode
    cinnibar island pokemon lab  venonat for tengela
    bike road stop                       Lickatung for golduck
    route 2 stop 2                       nido M for nido F
    bikeroad stop 1f (Bottom)       Golduck for lickatung

    fishing hats --   route 12

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